Brain Injury After Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious brain injuries, even if the victim was wearing a helmet. These injuries often have devastating, long-term effects that involve expensive treatment, which can place a huge financial burden on you and your loved one. If you or a loved one is struggling with a brain injury after a motorcycle accident, [...]


Broken Bones From a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists are especially susceptible to serious injuries on the road, including broken bones and fractures. Unlike a driver or passenger in a car, bikers aren’t protected by air bags, seat belts, and other safety devices. When a negligent driver causes a crash, you could easily find yourself with life-altering injuries. If you have suffered broken bones from [...]


Nursing Home Wrongful Death Cases in Birmingham AL

In Alabama, nursing home wrongful death cases can be exceedingly complex. Alabama’s approach to wrongful death law is dramatically different than that of most other states, and you may struggle to find accurate and practical information about how nursing home wrongful death cases are handled. Petro Law Firm can help. Below, our experienced legal team explains how nursing [...]


Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Medication errors in nursing homes are common, and while some cause minimal to no damage, others can result in serious or even fatal injuries. If your loved one’s nursing home or long-term care center made a catastrophic error, you need to understand your legal options. Below, we explain Alabama’s medication error laws and how they may [...]


What Do I Need to Prove When Suing for Nursing Home Negligence?

Too often, elderly adults suffer abuse or neglect in the nursing homes that are responsible for providing them with proper care. When nursing homes fail in their duty to care for their residents, the residents' families should be able to hold the facilities both legally and financially responsible. If you're considering suing a nursing home for negligence, you [...]


Bedrail Injury Lawyer

Birmingham AL Bedrail Injury Lawyer When you visit your loved one in a hospital or nursing home, you may initially welcome the sight of a bedrail, which are intended to prevent falls. However, bedrails can often be dangerous and lead to fatal injuries. Government agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), have even [...]


Bedsore Lawyer

Birmingham AL Bedsore Lawyer If your loved one is wheelchair-bound or bedridden, they may develop bedsores — especially if they’re receiving inadequate care. While not every bedsore is caused by nursing home abuse or neglect, you should always take these lesions seriously and ask hard questions when you discover them on your loved one’s body. [...]

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