The Role of Building Codes In Slip and Fall Litigation

General purpose and use of building codes  Counties and municipalities have a set of rules and specifications regulating the manner in which buildings are constructed. Collectively, these rules are referred to as the building codes. With few exceptions, these codes are adopted from model codes propounded by various agencies. The major modern codes are the [...]


What To Do When an At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company Calls You

If you've been involved in an automobile wreck, more than likely you're going to get a call from the insurance adjuster for the at fault driver. If you get that call, I wouldn't talk to them unless I've talked to an attorney first. It's important that you talk to a lawyer first before you talk [...]


What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving, in one form or another, is the leading cause of accidents on U.S. roads. Today, with cellphones and infotainment systems, there are more ways for drivers to take their eyes off the road than ever before. When they do, it significantly reduces their reaction time and makes accidents far more likely. But what is distracted [...]


How to Prove a Car Accident

One of the simplest ways to defend oneself against a negligence claim is to simply blame the other party for their injuries. So if you’re in a car accident, your first order of business should be considering how to prove a car accident wasn’t your fault. This will determine everything from which insurance company will [...]


What You Need to Know About Intersection Accidents in Alabama

If you were in a car crash, there’s a good chance it happened at an intersection. At Petro Law Firm, we know that intersections are notoriously dangerous – and we’ve handled countless claims involving a failure to yield, speeding, or distracted driving. In this article, learn the essentials from a respected intersection accident attorney in [...]


Should You Report a Minor Car Accident?

Nothing is more frustrating that getting into a fender bender or a minor accident. You have things to do! As you’re waiting on the side of the road, you may wonder if reporting minor car accidents is even worth it.   The answer, simply, is YES. Alabama law requires that you report any crash that [...]


What Happens When Someone is Killed in a Car Accident

It’s a call that no one wants to get. At Petro Law Firm, we mourn with our clients who lost a loved one due to another driver’s negligence or reckless conduct. If you’re dealing with this unthinkable situation, you need to understand your legal rights. In this article, we outline what happens when someone is [...]


How Long After Car Accident Can You Claim Injury?

After a serious accident, the timing of your lawsuit is critical. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how long after a car accident can you claim injury. When they wait too long, they may miss out on valuable compensation. In this article, Petro Law Firm explains Alabama’s filing deadlines and other timing issues that can significantly impact the [...]


Determining Fault by Location of Damage

In Alabama, fault plays an important role in an injury claim. Because we live in a tort or fault-based state, victims typically file claims with the at-fault driver’s liability insurer. However, how do you identify exactly who caused a crash?   In this article, Petro Law Firm explains how determining fault by location of damage can help [...]