Is Your Teen Sleeping Enough?

People do all sorts of things to wake themselves up. Some go through countless cups of coffee, some go on quick morning jaunts through the neighborhood, and some even spray themselves with energizing face mist. Whatever your preferred wake-up method is, chances are that you struggle to drag yourself out of your warm bed every once in a while. However, teenagers struggle more than most with ... CONTINUE READING

Have a Fun & SAFE Halloween!

Happy Halloween, you goblins, ghouls, witches, and spooks! It’s that time of year again when kids and adults alike can dress up and roam the streets as their favorite heroes, frights, or princesses. While kids are eager to show off their outfits and fill their pillowcases with ... CONTINUE READING

The Monsters Some Believe Are Real

There are people who would have you believe that monsters live among us all year long. These individuals, referred to as cryptozoologists (or just “wishful thinkers” by their skeptics), believe a hidden animal kingdom exists just beyond the edge of mainstream biological science. Here are three of the weirdest, almost-certainly ... CONTINUE READING

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