Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse

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Nursing home negligence and abuse has unfortunately become very common in the U.S. Residential care facilities often hire employees with backgrounds that include abuse and neglect, for a job which requires them to protect patients. Abuse is also prevalent between in-patients. If you suspect the unfortunate has happened to yourself or a loved one, a nursing home abuse attorney at Petro Law Firm can help protect you from any further mistreatment.

According to Medicare & Medicaid Services/ National Center on Elder Abuse: 97% of nursing homes failed to have sufficient staff to meet one or more federal staffing requirements; 44% of residents were found to have been abused in nursing homes; 95% of residents reported being neglected or have seen others neglected; and 50% of nursing home staff admit to mistreating residents.

Nursing home facilities are entrusted with the most important people in our lives who are at the most vulnerable times in their adult lives. We expect these homes and facilities to provide a healthy and safe environment for our family members. Unfortunately, these facilities are often cited for numerous violations, ranging from insufficient staffing, incompetent staffing, failure to turn and reposition residents to prevent pressure sores, unsanitary environments to abusive employees. If you or a loved one suspects negligence or abuse, it is imperative that you retain a nursing home negligence/abuse attorney who can ensure that your loved one does not continue to be mistreated. Petro Law Firm has the experience necessary to ensure you are compensated for your loved one’s damages, and that abuse and neglect is prevented from happening again.

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What Constitutes Abuse or Neglect?

Since nursing home patients and senior care facilities typically cater to the elderly, it can be easy to mistake abuse or neglect for just a result of old age. The following are a few commonly missed signs of mistreatment:

  • Bruising
  • Broken bones
  • Tears of the skin
  • Bedsores, also known as pressure sores and decubitus ulcers
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Unusual levels of confusion
  • Untreated Illnesses
  • Unexplained Injuries

If you see any of these signs when observing yourself or a loved one, contact nursing home abuse attorney Mark Petro. As a knowledgeable nursing home abuse attorney, Mark will aggressively fight against negligent and abusive facilities. Contact Petro Law Firm for a Complimentary, 20 Minute, Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Strategy Session today at (205) 327-8311A $200 value.

Types of Abuse in a Nursing Home or Care Facility

Abuse can be categorized into a few types: physical, sexual, emotional. No matter what type, a nursing home abuse lawyer at Petro Law Firm can help determine whether you have a case. Call today at (205) 327-8311 for a complimentary, 20 minute, nursing home abuse and neglect strategy session. A $200 value.

Physical Abuse in a Nursing Home

Physical abuse in a nursing home occurs when someone uses excessive force which results in physical pain, bodily injury or some type of impairment. Below are some of the most common signs of physical abuse:

  • Physical punishment
  • Force feeding the patient
  • Bruises, cuts and marks caused by rope or other restraints
  • Broken bones and/or fractures
  • Open wounds
  • Punctures of the skin
  • Bleeding
  • Internal Injuries
  • Signs of physical restraint
  • Being given too much medication
  • Not being given enough medication

Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

Sadly, patients can sometimes endure sexual abuse in their nursing home and senior care facilities. This could be at the hands of employees or other residents. As unthinkable as this might be, you must be vigilant in looking for possible signs of this abuse so that you can ensure your loved one is protected. Common signs of sexual abuse include:

  1. Bruises on the breast or genital area
  2. Unexplained bleeding of the vaginal and/or anal area
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases 
  4. Damage the patient’s clothing (rips, blood stains, etc.)

Emotional Abuse in a Nursing Home

Patients in nursing home can also become victims of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can be best described as something that causes pain, anguish, distress; or being verbally insulted or assaulted, ignored or intimidated. Some signs of emotional abuse to look out for include:

  1. Withdrawal or an unwillingness to communicate
  2. Unwarranted irritability or visible emotional stress
  3. Odd and unusual behavior such as bed wetting, thumb sucking, biting or rocking back and forth
  4. Reports of emotional mistreatment

When Should I Talk to a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

Whether physical, sexual, or emotional, any type of residential care abuse should be stopped immediately. If you suspect any kind of abuse in a care facility, contact a nursing home abuse attorney at Petro Law Firm immediately for a complimentary, 20 minute,  nursing home abuse and neglect strategy session. A $200 value.